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We Are a Unique Australian Company

with true Sri Lankan identity

trading as Busi.Opps

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EchoSMS – our partner in business

specialising in digital marketing & promotions

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Our Partner in education Edlocate

with Study Abroad programs

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Ouwens Migration Lawyers of Adelaide

partnering us for Skilled Migration to Oz & NZ

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PAC Associates – our partner to handle

visa applications of all forms for Sri Lankans

Welcome To Busi.Opps Pty Ltd.

A professional company built on trust and experience, we have evolved over the years to become a leading corporate with diversified business interests. A unique Australian company with true Sri Lankan identity, we have facilitated over the years to develop new business relationships among a number of Australian, Sri Lankan and Maldivian companies with similar interests.

We specialize in promoting and facilitating education related business activities in Sri Lanka and the Maldives linking Australian and New Zealand universities and tertiary educational institutions with public and private educational institutions. Not only do we assist in all aspects of setting up such businesses with the least inconvenience to clients and if required we take on a role of liaison/management too.

We provide expertise advise and assistance to all our partner companies in Sri Lanka to consolidate their business in education, marketing & promotions and visa formalities whilst helping our Australian partner to secure more business with regard to skilled migration. We have built strong business relationships with our partner establishments and have watched them grow from strength to strength.

In We are Busi.Opps, trading as B.Opps – in short – for Business Opportunities.


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